Happy Thanksgiving! It’s the start of the holiday season, and we hope you’ve got fun plans to spend with friends and family. As much as we’d like to be invited to your house for a nice turkey dinner, we don’t want you to have to invite us as emergency plumbers. Yes, we’d be more than happy to come and perform your plumbing services if necessary, but we’d rather give you some advice on how to avoid those problems in the first place.

There are many reasons why people end up having to call us on Thanksgiving or right after. Here are three of the most common.

Grease, Grease, Grease

Turkey might be a white meat, but it’s still loaded with grease. Unfortunately, grease is one of the biggest cloggers of sinks, and the amount of grease produced during your average Thanksgiving dinner is usually more than enough to make your pipes start running very slowly. In fact, just a little grease might be enough to seal up clogs that have already started. And all that peanut oil that people use in turkey deep fryers? It’s not meant to go down the drain either.


Remember, it’s a myth that running how water will keep the grease liquid long enough for it to make its way down your lateral line or into the septic tank. The water only stays hot for a very short amount of time when it heads down the pipes, so basically all you’re doing is making sure that the clog starts deeper in down the line (but it’s still in your house). Then you’ll really need a plumbing company to stop by, because it will be too far down the pipes for you to get.


What should you with the grease instead of pouring it down the drain? If you have a recycling center nearby, they might take it and give it to people who have converted their diesel vehicles to biodiesel. If you don’t want to do that, pouring the cool grease or oil into the trash is the next best thing.


If you’ve ever made a pumpkin pie from scratch, you’ve probably found out that pumpkin guts really stick to any utensils you used to clean it out. That’s because those strings inside of pumpkins are one of the stickiest and strongest adhesives in nature, and they can clog up your drains and ruin your garbage disposal.


What should you do? Clean off anything with pumpkin guts on it as much as possible before washing it in the sink or dishwasher. Even better, bake the seeds and compost anything you don’t use for the pie.

Double Duty

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year, which means that many houses will be left empty and their plumbing completely unused. But that means that the plumbing in the houses they’re going to will be doing double duty.


In most cases, a house won’t have any trouble accommodating a few extra people for the long weekend. But if you’re having trouble with your plumbing, be sure to let everyone know. Yes, it might be embarrassing to have one of your first conversations revolve around the pipes, but it’s a lot less embarrassing than having to deal with an overflowing toilet. If there’s a “better to flush twice and use less toilet paper each time” rule in your house, reveal it and enforce it! (Even better, before Thanksgiving arrives, call for drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, or septic tank pumping in order to get everything ready for your guests.)

Happy Thanksgiving From Your Local Plumbers!

From all of us here at AW Plumbing, Septic, & Water, we’d like to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. We truly hope that you have an excellent day of thanks, and that you get to spend it as you wish. With any luck you won’t be seeing us, but if for some reason you should need an emergency plumber, we hope you’ll choose us. Give us a call at the first sign of trouble!