Do you enjoy living in Florida? We certainly do, and love providing our plumbing services to the people of central Florida. There’s the nice weather, the interesting people, and the many activities such as theme parks, golf, beaches, fishing, and everything else you do on the ocean.

But as nice as being in Florida can be, it offers some challenges to homeowners and local plumbers alike. There are some problems associated with plumbing that are fairly unique to Florida; let’s take a look at them.

Water-Loving Creatures

Did you know that Florida is 18.5-percent water, which makes it one of the wettest states in America? When you combine the lakes, swamps, and waterways in our state, nearly a fifth of our state in uninhabitable to humans.

Of course, that just means that there are more creatures that do love the water and might find certain pipes around your home very comfortable places to live. What kind of animals are we talking about? Frogs and snakes are some of the most common, but mice and rates also don’t seem to mind cozying up in home’s pipes. If you’re experiencing clogged pipes, the animals might not still be alive but they are causing your problem. Give your local plumbers a call and we’ll root out the problem; maybe it’s time for septic tank service.

Pipe Scaling

Much of Florida’s water supply is very mineral-rich and pumped up from aquifers under the state. Our bodies need certain minerals to function, and water can be an excellent way to get them. Plus, water devoid of minerals can actually taste like…well, not like water should.

In general, pipes don’t need minerals. A very thin layer of pipe scaling can be okay, as it can fill in the seals where pipes come together. But pipe scaling doesn’t stop, and it can eventually cause pipes to allow a fraction of their intended water though. (Be sure to click that link; it’s crazy-scary-cool.) When that happens, both incoming and outgoing water can have trouble, so you might need particular products to clear it out or require re-piping of the house.


Chlorine is an amazing chemical when used in the right amount. It’s great at killing the bacteria in water that have killed billions of people over the millennia.

Your body can use a certain amount of chlorine, but your home’s pipes are a different story. Depending on the kind of pipes that are in your home, it’s possible that the chlorine has corroded them. A plumbing company can identify and fix the problem.

The pH Level Could Dissolve Pipes

Copper is a very useful metal and was one of the most common ways of transporting fresh water before a suitably-stable plastic pipe could be made. Unfortunately, the pH level (whether it’s acidic or basic) can cause copper pipes to dissolve after decades. If you have an old home with copper pipes, you might want to have them checked out by a plumbing professional.

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We’re not saying that none of these problems occur elsewhere in the world, but we do know that all four of them show up here in central Florida. If you have these problems or any other, our plumbing company is ready to help. Contact AW Plumbing, Septic, & Water Mitigation today!