There are very few homes in history that have never experienced some sort of clog. The most common clogs occur in the kitchen sink, because all of the detritus from washing dishes, especially oils and grease, ends up gunking things up even if there’s a garbage disposal in use. Drain snakes — those long, bladed coils that whirl around — are usually brought in to scrape out the insides of the pipe and force the close along. On the other hand, sometimes it’s the sewer line itself that needs cleaning, causing all of the drains to run slowly even if the individual drain is clean. In that case, sewer cleaning is necessary and a sewer snake usually takes care of the problem.

But there are times when a bladed plumbing snake just isn’t going to cut it (sure, pun intended, why not?). When drains or sewers are so clogged with years or decades of grease, or have problems with tree roots that traditional blades just can’t get through, it might be time to call for hydro-jetting.

Hydro-jetting equipment shoots out jets of water that can cut through just about anything and have no problems with the stuff found in drains and sewer lines. Here are the advantages of using pressurized water to clear out the pipes.

It’s Clearing It ALL Out

In most cases, a bladed snake will spin around and dislodge the clog itself. In other words, it will do a great job at getting rid of the clog and slicing away at least 90% of the problem. Unfortunately, it can leave some sticky refuse behind (again, it’s usually kitchen grease) that can grab more grease as it passes…and more…and more until it starts grabbing solids again.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of hydro-jetting is that it really clears everything out. The jets of water aren’t missing parts of the pipe like blades can, and the water has the added benefit of softening things up as it moves along.

It’s Eco-Friendly

There are other ways to clear out the gunk that’s sticking to the walls of pipes, but they involve harsh chemicals. Not only can these be dangerous to plumbers, but they’re also bad for the environment and contaminate the water supply at the water treatment plant. You certainly don’t want to use them in a septic system.

Hydro-jetting, on the other hand, simply uses water in order to dislodge everything. And if you question the cutting power of water, remember that water can be put under such pressure that it cuts through steel.

In The End, It Saves Money

If you have just a couple of drain blockages during 20 years in the same house, it’s likely that a traditional drain snake will take care of your problems.

But if you are constantly having blocked drains and calling your local plumber often, it’s likely that a “start from scratch” hydro-jetting will save you money in the end. Yes, hydro-jetting costs a bit more, but it’s worth it if it gets the job done and your blockages become a thing of the past.

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