When most people think of draining cleaning, they think of their own drains and the problems they cause. But unless they own a business, they don’t often think about commercial plumbing. While many business and retail establishments have even less plumbing than a house does — a bathroom and a sink, usually without the tub or shower — there are some places that need drain cleaning a lot more than others. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of business that might call us for commercial plumbing.


If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you’re probably familiar with what goes down the drain. As it turns out, it’s just about everything! It’s not supposed to, of course, but a typical employee doesn’t always care how often drain and sewer cleaning have to be performed….so down the drain goes the grease!

There are different kinds of restaurants, of course. A restaurant that prides itself on never using any type of fat isn’t going to let as much oil slip down the drain as a greasy burger joint. A fast food restaurant that serves everything in disposable trays isn’t going to have the food buildup as a sit-down place that has to wash dishes after every meal.

No matter what kind of restaurant you run, our plumbing services can get your drains running again so that the only smell meeting the customer’s noses will be that of your food.


Salons are another type of business that requires a whole lot of drain cleaning. If you’re wondering why, we have one word for you: hair!

How bad is it? Well, how often do you have to clean out your shower drain? If you’re someone with very short hair, it might be once or twice a year, if that. But for someone with medium to long hair, it might be every month. Now consider a hair salon, where dozens of people are having their hair washed every day. It’s suddenly very obvious that the drains are going to get clogged up very often, no matter how many precautions the salon takes to prevent the hair from heading down in the first place. When we get to a hair salon for drain and sewer line cleaning, we know exactly what kind of clogs we’ll be dealing with.

Car Washes

Car washes are one of those businesses that no one really thinks about needing drain cleaning, but they actually need drain and sewer cleaning very often. After all, everything that comes off of cars has to go somewhere. Since the drains are in the ground, most people think that it’s all going directly into storm drains or the like. In reality, the water has to be treated just like any other that goes down the drain to prevent negative environmental impacts.

While car washes here in eastern Tampa don’t have to deal with the stuff that gets on cars in snowier states, the amount of rain we get certainly means there’s quite a bit of mud that ends up down the drains. It’s not just mud, either; rocks, sand, and oils also head down the drain and muck it up. This means that car washes require more drain and sewer cleaning than almost any other type of business.

Ready For Drain Cleaning?

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