Okay, we know what you’re probably thinking: “Of course my local plumber wants me to use a drain cleaning service instead of a chemical cleaner. It’s their job!” Yes, it’s true that we’d like your business, but more than anything we’re just trying to help you avoid the hassle and dangers of using a chemical cleaner like Drano or Liquid-Plumr. Here are the problems with these chemical cleaners.

Drain Cleaners Don’t Work

Is it an overgeneralization to say that drain cleaners don’t work at all? Probably. But it wouldn’t be an overgeneralization to say that drain cleaners don’t work very well.

One of two things tends to happen when someone puts a drain cleaner into a sink. The first thing that can happen is that they pour it down the drain and wait…and wait…and wait….and nothing happens. Then they call for professional plumbing services.

The second thing that happens is that they pour it down the drain and, wonderfully, the water in the sink goes down! But what happened was that the drain cleaner sunk down to the clog, punched a small hole in it, and then was the first liquid to exit the drain. Much of the clog is still there, clinging to the sides and ready to catch that next bit of dinner that heads down the drain. In other words, it’s a temporary fix. Instead of fighting the clog perpetually, why not get it out with professional drain cleaning and be done with it once and for all?

Drain Cleaners Can Be Dangerous

Drain cleaners are one of the most dangerous chemicals that people keep in a home. If you have pets or children, it’s better to simply not bring these chemicals into your home in the first place.

Second, drain cleaners can be a danger to anyone working on the drains, because if the chemicals don’t work then they just tend to sit around in the pipe. After the drain cleaning, many people might try to run the garbage disposal or use a plunger, both of which can cause the drain cleaners to spray up into people’s eyes. That means a trip to the emergency room and a possible loss of vision. (If you have used drain cleaner and it didn’t work, please let the plumbing company know so that we’re aware of the caustic substance we’re dealing with.)

The Problem Could Be Bigger Than You Think

It’s always possible that the problem isn’t with your drain at all, but with your sewer system. If you are using a drain cleaner and it’s a main sewer line problem, you can stop right now because a drain cleaner isn’t going to do anything for a problem that is going to need full-blown sewer cleaning. The problem might be most noticeable in the kitchen sink, but if your toilets and showers are running a bit slow, it might be time for a sewer line cleaning.

If you are having sewer problems, we can send down the whirling blades or the hydro-jets and dislodge any compacted sewage that has collected or tree roots that have grown into the pipes. If a line collapse is suspected, we can send in the sewer scope for a video inspection.

Ready To Get A Clean Drain?

We’re ready to do that job that most drain cleaners can’t. When you need residential plumbing, contact AW Plumbing today!