While plumbing is our bread and butter and septic tank cleaning fills many of our days, AW also tackles water mitigation problems here in Central Florida. When homes are flooded, we take care of the water cleanup that citizens need. 

Since it’s a peninsula, Florida is known for being surrounded by water. But when you’re surrounded by water in your house, you want it out as quickly as possible. Here are the two primary reasons why Florida homes become flooded.

A Burst Pipe

One good thing about Florida is that we never — well, almost never — have to worry about freezing temperatures. While we might be blasting the AC and worry about taxing our freezers, we never have to worry about burst pipes like those living in the Northeast have to in the middle of winter.

But just because freezing water might not cause pipes to freeze doesn’t mean that pipes don’t break. Sometimes it’s because they weren’t properly installed in the first place, while other times it’s because the older materials they were made from disintegrates over time. No matter the reason, bursts whitewater pipes can break and just keep on gushing water until the main water line is turned off. 

Hopefully you’ll be at home when this happens so that you can turn off the water to the house immediately. But if you’re not, a burst pipe can flood a house in a short amount of time. AW Water can get rid of the water and be the first cleanup crew.


If there’s one thing that people know about Florida topography, it’s that it never gets very high above sea level. The average elevation of Florida is six feet; water tables are high and won’t let floodwaters soak in. Plus, we don’t have to tell you that Florida has more than its share of hurricanes and that floodwaters from overflowing waterways can come right in through the front door. 

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