When we think of a drain clog, we usually think of hair or debris blocking a line. It’s a little gross, but in the end, it’s no big deal, right? Initially, clogs aren’t a serious issue, but over time greater amounts of gunk can get attached, and a small clog can transform into a big problem that requires professional drain cleaning service. Once that happens, snaking the line might not do the trick, and then what are you supposed to do?

The first thing to do is have a video pipe inspection done, in order to eyeball the situation and see if it’s that bad. If it is that bad, hydro-jetting is a great way to work the problem. Hydro-jetting shoots streams of water through high-pressure nozzles, smashing through grease, hair, sand, roots, and other materials clogging your lines and pipes. Hydro-jetting is a fairly extreme measure, and it’s usually the last step taken before lines are replaced entirely. How do you know if it’s the right decision? By partnering with the right plumbing company.

AW Plumbing, Septic, & Water Mitigation is Central Florida’s choice for residential and commercial plumbing needs. More than 35 years of industry experience means that we have the expertise to know when hydro-jetting is a wise choice, and how to perform this procedure correctly. Our team of plumbing professionals is ready to help 24/7/365, and depending on the severity of your problem, we also offer emergency plumbing services.

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